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Video Tutorial, Millimeter Wave vs. Below 5GHz Massive MIMO

Millimeter Wave vs. Below 5GHz Massive MIMO: Which Technology Can Give Greater Value?

The purpose of this panel is to discuss and debate the inherent technical merits of the two most prominent fifth-generation (5G) wireless physical layer technologies: millimeter wave, and below 5 GHz Massive MIMO. Despite the fact that the efficacy of wireless technology is thoroughly testable by controlled, reproducible experiments, there is apparently little consensus within the wireless industry as to the best direction future technology should take. Too often technical discussions are diluted by the introduction of extraneous nontechnical factors, such as spectrum licensing policy, the reluctance of service providers to replace wireless infrastructure ahead of its projected lifespan, entrenched thinking that has the force of dogma, and the pressure of "not invented here." Attaching excessive importance to merely subsidiary considerations ignores that fact that the wireless industry is exceedingly wealthy (service providers spent more than $40 billion on 65 MHz of spectrum in the 2015 FCC AWS-3 auction) and that advanced communications are of ever increasing importance to young people for which they can be expected to pay increasing fractions of their income.
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Rabu, 22 Februari 2017

rekrutmen untuk Telkom Metra Holding

PT Infomedia Nusantara sebagai Shared Service Operation untuk subsidiary Telkom Metra Holding, saat ini menghandle proses rekrutmen untuk Telkom Metra Holding.

Telkom Metra Holding membutuhkan team untuk posisi :

1. Programmer Android (Platform Android, OS Linux, Database MySQL)

2. Programmer PHP (PHP, Framework Code Igniter dan Laravel, Database MySQL)

3. Sistem Analyst Java (J2EE, SQL, Java Script, HTML)

4. Consultant (MiddleWare, Switching, ATM Management)

5. Programmer RPG (RPG/RPGLE AS/400, Core Banking System, Alphabits is preferable)

6. Solution Engineer (Product knowledge, tariff and costing, opportunity assessment)

7. Account Executive ( Sales in IT Company)

8. Web & Mobile Application Developer (Memiliki skil di HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, ionic, angular JS, nodejs, graphQL, app development (iOS&Android), hybrid technology.

9. Junior SPV HC (Menjalakan fungsi-fungsi manajemen, menguasai Ms.Office, paham tentang Tax)

10. SR UX Specialist (Memiliki skil di HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript dan framework, berpengalaman dalam pemakaian UX design best practice untuk design solution)

11. Sekretaris Direktur Utama (Memiliki communication skill yang baik, menguasai Ms. Office, dapat mengerjakan pekerjaan administrasi perkantoran dengan baik)

Team yang dibutuhkan adalah:
1. Lulusan D3/S1
2. Usia Max. 30 tahun
3. Berpengalaman min 2 tahun pada bidang yang sama

Untuk info Job Description klik link daftarkan diri dan pilih posisi yang paling sesuai.

For more info :

Bagi yang berminat silahkan kirimkan CV kalian ke website di atas, dan yang butuh info dan bertanya tanya silahkan email di atas, saya cuma membantu share

See you on top guys!

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Huawei HedEx eRAN 7,Version 11

Huawei HedEx eRAN 7,Version 11 :

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