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Satellite Communication Engineering

TitleSatellite Communication Engineering
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AuthorsK. J. Ray Liu
PublisherMarcel Dekker, Inc.
Publish Year2002
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Abstract/NotesSatellite communication is one of the most impressive spin-offs from space programs, and has made a major contribution to the pattern of international communications. The engineering aspect of satellite communications combines such diverse topics as antennas, radio wave propagation, signal processing, data communication, modulation, detection, coding, filtering, orbital mechanics, and electronics. Each is a major field of study and each has its own extensive literature. Satellite Communication Engineering emphasizes the relevant material from these areas that is important to the book�s subject matter and derives equations that the reader can follow and understand. The aim of this book is to present in a simple and concise manner the fundamental principles common to the majority of information communications systems. Mastering the basic principles permits moving on to concrete realizations without great difficulty. Throughout, concepts are developed mostly on an intuitive, physical basis, with further insight provided by Copyright © 2002 by Marcel Dekker, Inc. All Rights Reserved. means of a combination of applications and performance curves. Problem sets are provided for those seeking additional training. Starred sections containing basic mathematical development may be skipped with no loss of continuity by those seeking only a qualitative understanding. The book is intended for electrical, electronics, and communication engineering students, as well as practicing engineers wishing to familiarize themselves with the broad field of information transmission, particularly satellite communications.
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