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command sequence in TEMS

Herewith the example of command sequence in TEMS

Voice Call CS

i.e “120/15” means 120 second on call then call end, 15 second wait and then call again.

1. Loop Start give the number of repetition for command below the loop start (General -> Loop Start)

2. Dial select the MS and give the destination number (Voice -> Dial)


3. Synchronize to synchcronize MS before go to the next command (General -> Synchronize)

4. Wait 120 wait 120s on call (General -> Wait)

5. End Call (Voice -> End Call)

6. Wait 15 wait 15 before call again (General -> Wait)

7. Loop End (General -> Loop End)

Video Call CS

In general cs for video call is same as voice call, but in video call in dial command we must add “v”.


Loop Start

Dial v081384760975

Wait 120

End Call

Wait 15

Loop End

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