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Tutorial Nemo Outdoor Graphical User Interface

Nemo Outdoor Graphical User Interface


Nemo Outdoor Graphical User Interface

Nemo Outdoor Graphical User Interface

Windows: Graphs
Line Graphs allow the user to accurately observe the measurement information.
        selectable parameters & values
        selectable layers & values
        average value presentation
        displaying events & notifications

Windows: Graphs

NEMO Outdoor Workspace and Hardware Configuration:-

By saving the workspace, different views can be saved to a .wor file. The following views are saved to the file:

1.Device Information Window views
2.Grid and Graph views
3.Color Set and Parameter selected in the Map Window (Map layers must be saved to MapInfo .gst file)
4.By saving the hardware configuration file, the information related to device(s) is saved to the .hwc file:
5.All information defined in the Measurement Properties Window

Bar Graph

Line Graph

Scatter PLOT

Scanning Results

Windows: Grids

The user can easily select the events, parameters, and statistics to be displayed in the grid table. It is also possible to highlight certain events with color to improve the clarity of the results presented. Double-click on an event to view more information about that particular event.



UP>Layers3,Down>Decoded Layer 3, D'Left>Statistics

LEFT>Textual Window...Right>Graphical Window
1.     Statistics
2.     Decoded Layer3
3.     Parameters
4.     Events
5.     Table
6.     Layer3
        Scatter plot
        Line graph
        Bar graph
        Scanning Plots

Nemo Indoor & Floor plan

        Nemo Indoor supports indoor floor plan in .tab; .bmp; .jpg; .tif formats.

NEMO Indoor Outdoor PLAN

Nemo Indoor & Floor plan

        During measurement, markers(   ) need to be inserted in order to plot route on floor plan.

Nemo Indoor & Floor plan

Nemo Indoor & Floor plan

        Indoor floor plan properties

Nemo Indoor & Floor plan

Nemo Outdoor and MS BTS File

Nemo Outdoor and MS BTS File

Multiple Real-time Route Coloring

A line from the test vehicle to the serving and neighboring BTS can be drawn.

New multi route feature allows users to compare easily measurements from different terminals on the same map or to correlate different parameters from the same terminal.

Files Used by Nemo Outdoor

BTS files

        .bts, .nbf
        MAP files
        MapInfo vector and raster maps
        Result files
        .dt1, .dt2, .dt3, .dt4
        .fs1, fs1, fsn…
        .ft1, ft2, ftn…

Workspace files

        Hardware configuration files
        Script files

Nemo Outdoor Measurement File

        With Call mode measurements, *.DT1 file is produced.
        With Frequency/Pilot Scan (Separate Scanner) measurements , *.FS file is produced.
        Open ASCII non-proprietary file format
        Easy to view and use

Nemo Outdoor Measurement File Contents

        Field strength results of the serving and neighbouring cells
        Quality class values
        Mobile output power level
        Layer 3, layer 2, RLC/MAC, LLC and RRC messages
        Geographical coordinates and time
        Call events and handover events
        Location update events
        Channel information
        Other information

Example of Nemo Outdoor Measurement File header

Example of Nemo Outdoor Measurement File header

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