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Optimization Procedures

This document presents in detail optimization procedure for assuring effectively network quality. This procedure is based on Voice/Data call in cdma2000-1X and Data call in EVDO.

Optimization procedure shall be performed, when installation of BTS is completed and BTS is inter-worked with MSC. Commercial service shall be provided, after completion and trial service is offered, at the result of optimization procedure.

Optimization Procedures are divided into the following stages based on operational stage.

Ÿ Stage 1 : Single Cell Function Test

Ÿ Stage 2 : Cluster Optimization

Ÿ Stage 3 : System Optimization

Stage 1 : Single Cell Function test

Stage 1 is for verifying whether individual BTS works well or not, by making a single cell function test of BTS hardware and software.

Essential items to be tested are as follows:

1) BTS Transmitter Output Measurement Test

2) Initial parameter establishment (Pilot PN/System ID/Site ID/Frequency, Neighbor List)

3) Call Origination and Termination Test

4) Softer Handoff Test/Antenna installation check (Direction, Tilt, Transmission Line)

5) Single Cell Coverage Test

6) Noise Floor Test

Stage 2 : Cluster Optimization

Stage 2 is for testing several BTSs in cluster, in order to verify the inter-work and performance between BTSs. Stage 2 is aimed at checking basic field functions and performance in mobile communication system, assuring primary safety in system and network, and verifying conditions for maintaining the best quality of call and optimization in service aspects.

1) Basic Service Area Establishment

2) Voice Coverage Optimization

3) Data Coverage Optimization

4) FER optimization

5) Voice Handoff Optimization

6) Data Handoff Optimization

7) Shadow Area Optimization(if needed)

8) Pilot Pollution Area Optimzation(if needed)

Stage 3 : System Optimization Completion

Stage 3 is for verifying finally comprehensive performance in network.

Essential tests to be performed at stage 3 are as follows:

1) Call Quality Optimization

2) System Capacity test

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