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2. Basic Processes for RF Optimization

2. Basic Processes for RF Optimization

Once all the sites are installed and verification is complete, the RF optimization starts. In some situations for a tight schedule, RF optimization might start after the construction of partial sites is complete. RF optimization is usually performed after 80% of total sites in a cluster are constructed.

RF optimization stage is one major stage of RNO. It aims at the following aspects:

· Optimizing signal coverage

· Control pilot pollution

· Control SHO Factor based on DT

RF optimization also involves optimizing list of neighbor cells.

When the indexes like DT and traffic measurement, after RF adjustment, meets KPI requirements, RF optimization stage ends. Otherwise you must reanalyze data and adjust parameters repeatedly until all KPI requirements are met. After RF optimization, RNO comes to parameter optimization stage.

2.1 Flow Chat of RF Optimization

RF optimization includes the following four parts:

· Test preparations

· Data collection

· Problem analysis

· Parameter adjustment

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