Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Steps for Drive Test -7

Idle Drive is performed in two fashion

Normal Drive
Frequency Lock Drive

Normal Drive

This is done to frame the potential area of the new site planned. It also helps us to
get to know the important neighboring sites for which the handover has to take place.

Frequency Lock Drive

This is done by locking the BCCH frequency of the serving cell and performing the
drive for the same cell unless the mobile enters into No Service Mode. This is use-
ful for making decision related to GSM antenna height, tilt, and orientation.

Dedicated Drive

Dedicated drive is an important part of Drive Test. Here call is made to a test number and drive is done for the potential areas of the Site. During drive being carried out one has constantly monitor parameters such as RX Level, RX Quality, SQI, DTX, C/I Ratio, Hopping Channel, Neighbor list, TA (Timing Advance).

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