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Service Processing Subsystem BSC 6900

Service Processing Subsystem

The BSC6900 service processing subsystem performs the control functions defined in the 3GPP protocols and processes services of the BSC6900.

The service processing subsystem mainly consists of four logical modules: RNC control lane (CP), RNC user plane (UP), BSC CP, and BSC UP.


The service processing subsystem performs the following functions:

l User data transfer

l System admission control

l Radio channel ciphering and deciphering

l Data integrity protection

l Mobility management

l Radio resource management and control

l Cell broadcast service control

l System information and user message tracing

l Data volume reporting

l Radio access management

l CS service processing

l PS service processing

Hardware Involved

The service processing subsystem consists of the SPUa, SPUb, XPUa, XPUb, DPUb, DPUc, DPUd, and DPUe boards. The SPUa, SPUb, XPUa, and XPUb boards process signaling. The DPUb, DPUc, DPUd, and DPUe boards process services.

DPUb = Data Processing Unit REV:b (UMTS)

DPUc = Data Processing Unit REV:c (GSM)

DPUd = Data Processing Unit REV:d (GSM)

DPUe = Data Processing Unit REV:e (UMTS)

SPUb = Signaling Processing Unit REV:b

XPUb = eXtensible Processing Unit REV:b

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