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4.3 Collecting RNC Configuration Data

4.3 Collecting RNC Configuration Data

During RF optimization stage, collect neighbor cell data of network optimization and other data configured in RNC database. In addition, check whether the configured data is consistent with the previously checked/planned data.

While checking configured data, feed back the improperly configured data (if found) to product support engineers. During checking, pay special attention to handover reselection parameters and power setting parameters, as listed in 0.

Configured parameters to be checked


Content to be checked

Handover reselection parameter

IntraFreqNCell (intra-frequency neighbor cell)

InterFreqNCell (inter-frequency neighbor cell)

InterRATNCell (inter-system neighbor cell)

Power configuration parameter

MaxAllowedULTxPower (maximum uplink transmit power of UE)

PCPICHPower (PCPICH transmit power)

For handover reselection parameters, check list of neighbor cells, including intra-frequency, inter-frequency, and inter-system neighbor cells.

Output an updated Radio Parameter Configuration Data Table and parameter revision records. This is useful in problem analysis and following optimization stages.

For HUAWEI, Collecting data proceeds as below:


Collect MML scripts

Convert neighbor cell configuration data in MML scripts to Excel files by using Nastar

Save the data in the format in which the data can be imported to Assistant.

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