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Hardware Involved BSC6900

Hardware Involved

The clock synchronization subsystem consists of the GCUa/GCGa board.

The clock board of the BSC6900 can be the GCUa or GCGa board. The BSC6900 cannot

be configured with both the GCUa and GCGa boards simultaneously. Depending on the

clock type, it can have either the GCUa board or the GCGa board.

The active and standby clock boards in the MPS are connected to the active and standby SCUa boards in the EPS through the Y-shaped clock signal cables. This connection mode ensures that the system clock of the BSC6900 works properly in the case of a single-point failure of the clock board, Y-shaped clock signal cable, or SCUa board. In addition, the Y-shaped clock signal cable ensures the proper working of the SCUa boards during the switchover of the active and standby clock boards.

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