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OM Subsystem and Power Supply Principle

OM Subsystem

The OM subsystem enables the management and maintenance of the BSC6900 in the following scenarios: routine maintenance, emergency maintenance, upgrade, and capacity expansion.


The OM subsystem provides:

l 4.4.4 Data Configuration Management

l 4.4.5 Security Management

l 4.4.6 Performance Management

l 4.4.7 Alarm Management

l 4.4.8 Loading Management

l 4.4.9 Upgrade Management

l 4.4.10 BTS Loading Management

l 4.4.11 BTS Upgrade Management

Hardware Involved

The OM subsystem consists of the OMUa board, OMUb board, or GBAM.

OMUa = Operation and Maintenance Unit REV:a

Power Supply Principle

The power supply subsystem of the BSC6900 adopts the dual-circuit design and point-by-point monitoring solution. It consists of the power input part and the power distribution part.

The power supply subsystem of the BSC6900 consists of the -48 V DC power system, DC power distribution frame (PDF), and DC power distribution box (PDB) at the top of the cabinet.

If a site has heavy traffic or more than two switching systems, two or more independent power supply systems should be provided. In the case of a communication center, independent power supply systems should be configured on different floors to supply power to different equipment rooms.

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