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2.2 Detailed Sections of RF Optimization

2.2 Detailed Sections of RF Optimization

2.2.1 Test Preparations

During test preparations, proceed as below:

· Decide KPI goals for optimization according to the purpose (license, business goal )

· Divide clusters properly and decide test route

The KPI test acceptance route is especially important.

· Prepare tools and materials for RF optimization

This ensures smooth RF optimization.

2.2.2 Data Collection

Collect the following data:

· UE and scanner data

Collect UE and scanner data by the following methods:

· DT

· Indoor test

· Signaling tracing

· Call data tracing at RNC side

· Configuration data

The configuration data and the call data tracing help to locate problems.

Data collection is a precondition for problem analysis.

2.2.3 Problem Analysis

You can locate problems by analyzing collected data. After analyzing coverage problems, pilot pollution problems, and handover problems, provide corresponding adjustment solutions. After adjustment, test the adjustment result. If the test result cannot meet KPI requirements, reanalyze problems and readjust parameters until all KPI requirements are met.

Due to weak coverage, pilot pollution, and missing neighbor cells, the following problems are related to location:

· Downlink interference

· Access problems

· Call drop problems

The previous problems occur regularly. You can solve them by repeated optimization.

If the coverage is good, pilot pollution and missing neighbor cells are not present, the access and call drop problems need to be solved during parameter optimization stage.

The period for solving uplink interference problems (RTWP is over high but no high traffic matches it) is long, even as long as the RF optimization ends.

Output an updated list of engineering parameters and list of cell parameters after RF optimization.

The list of engineering parameters reflects adjustment of engineering parameters (such as down tilt and azimuth) during RF optimization stage. The list of cell parameters reflects the adjustment of cell parameters (such as neighbor cell configuration) during RF optimization stage.

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