Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Steps for Drive Test -1

Physical Verification
Physical Verification is carried out by verifying physical parameter of the New Site with the TSSR (Technical Site Survey Report) such as Address, Lat, Long, Building Height, Antenna Height, Antenna Type, Orientation, Tilt.
Alarm Verification
Alarms are generated mainly due to number of reasons, and these needs to checked before Drive is being carried out for the Site. Alarms are checked from the NOC (Network Operating Centre) and if found needs to be verified before drive being carried out.
Frequency Plan Verification
Frequency Plan can be verified from the NOC (Network Operating Centre) for BCCH and TCH frequencies being implemented as per the Site Integration Sheet sent to NOC (Network Operating Centre).
Hardware Configuration Verification
Hardware verification is performed to know the Site type, BTS Type, TRX Configuration, VSWR checking , Power measurement for each TRX.

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