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Steps for Drive Test -3

Steps for DT-3

CPC (Cell Parameter Check)
Given are the parameters that need to be checked while performing CPC.
CGI (Cell Global Identity) consists if MCC+NCC+LAC+CI
BCCH Frequency
GSM Band

1.Time: It is system time of computer.
2.Cell name: It displays the name of the sector which is serving according to the cellfile that is loaded in TEMS.
3.CGI : It stands for the Cell Global Identity which is unique for every sector of the site. It consists of MCC,MNC,LAC,CI.
MCC: Mobile Country Code 0 – 999 MNC: Mobile Network Code 0 – 99 LAC : Location Area Code 0 -65535 CI: Cell Identity 0 – 65535

Cell GPRS Support: Tells sector is having GPRS or not. Values are Yes or No .
Band : It tells in which Freq. Band mobile is operating e.g. GSM 900/ 1800.
BCCH ARFCN: It tells by which BCCH is the mobile station getting served.
TCH ARFCN: On which Traffic Freq. call is going on.
BSIC (Base Station Identity Code) : It is combination of Network Color Code (NCC) (0 – 7) & Base Station Color Code (BCC) (0 – 7). e.g. 62. It is decoded by mobile on every Sync. Channel Message.
Mode: It is shows in which state is mobile operating, Idle, Dedicated & Packet.
Time slot: On which time slot of current TCH call is going on. Viz. time slot no. of TRX.
Channel Type: Type of channel mobile is getting now. Like BCCH / SDCCH/8 + SACCH/C8 or CBCH / TCH/F +FACCH/F +SACCH/F.
Channel Mode : Shows mode of coding like Speech Full Rate of Half Rate.
Speech Codec: It shows FR for Full Rate, HR for Half Rate & EFR for Enhanced Full Rate.
Ciphering Algorithm : It shows ciphering algorithm used by the system to protect data for privacy. E.g. Cipher by A5/2.
Sub Channel Number: It is displayed at a time when mobile is on dedicated mode at time of call setup when it is getting SDCCH at that time it shows which SDCCH it is getting out of 8 available. E.g. 2.
Hopping Channel : It shows that current sector is having hopping feature or not. Values are Yes or No.
Hopping Frequencies : It displays no. of freq. on which mobile is allowed to hop. viz. MA List for hopping of that sector.
Mobile Allocation Index Offset (MAIO): It is the number which tells from which freq. from given MA list for sector hopping has to be started. E.g. 0 means sector will start from first freq. to hop.
Hopping Sequence Number (HSN) : Indicates sequence in which frequencies are allowed to hop from the MA List. 0- 63. 0 for Cyclic Hopping, 1 – 63 random hopping sequences.

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